Why Steinfurt

The country town Steinfurt has been an association of the two cities Borghorst and Burgsteinfurt since 1975 is having about 35000 citizens.
Both parts of town have a millennial, changeful history, whose witnesses are still visible today.

The magnificent Wasserburg (castle Steinfurt) in Steinfurt, erected in the 12th century (office and residence of the prince of Bentheim and Steinfurt and his family), a tour through the historic city or a hike through the big, connected, royal forest “Bagno”, which includes Europe’es oldest concert hall, make a trip to Steinfurt an extra-special experience.


Tourist Offering:


  • A combi bath (all year) in Borghorst and

  • a open-air bath (May - September) in Burgsteinfurt

  • Sports and Sauna Centre

  • 100-Castle cycling route

  • Alley bikeway through the Münsterland

  • Hiking routes

  • Balloon flights

  • Covered wagon rides

  • Golf course in the Bagno